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IMANET Exam PDF - Speed Up CMA Exam Preparation

An internationally renowned advanced accounting credential provided by IMA® is the CMA ® (Certified Management Accountant) certification (Institute of Management Accountants). For the past 50 years, the CMA has served as the industry standard for management accountants and financial experts. Candidates should review the IMANET official study material from its official website to get familiar with exam content outlines. After using the official study guide, you should get the IMANET Exam PDF practice questions to assess your exam readiness.  This certification gives finance and accounting professionals the credibility and skills they need to succeed in their professions in the face of dynamic national and international regulatory environments. 

Job Roles for IMANET Certified Management Accountant

Professionals who earn the CMA can play a crucial role in their organization's financial strategy and future performance because they have a strong understanding of high-level decision-making, expertise in financial reporting, forecasting, and performance management, as well as the ability to adapt to changing business environments and technological advancements.

What are some of the main duties of a worker with a CMA certification?

  • Financial disclosure (i.e., income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement)
  • Locating investment possibilities and managing the department as a whole
  • Senior managers with financial information, improving the decision-making process
  • Creating plans to mitigate and defeat numerous internal and external dangers
  • While managing finances and other choices, monitoring and assuring compliance

What You Learn After Passing The IMANET CMA Exam?

Planning and budgeting, financial reporting, internal controls, technology and analytics, investment decision-making, performance, and risk management are just a few of the 12 core practice areas that finance and accounting professionals can learn through the CMA program.

A variety of industries, including the following, offer job possibilities to CMA-certified individuals:

  • Banking, insurance, and finance
  • Mining, manufacturing, and building
  • Utility, communication, and transit services
  • Mining, real estate, and schooling
  • Medical and health assistance
  • Federal and non-profit organizations

CMA Exam Topics Coverage

  • 15% Decisions regarding external financial reporting
  • 20% Forecasting, planning, and spending
  • 20% Management of performance
  • 15% Cost control 
  • 15% Administrative controls: 
  • 15% Analytics and technology

How Should You Prepare for the IMANET CMA Exam?

The CMA exam is a professional certification program that consists of two parts. The first part covers topics such as financial planning, performance analysis, and budgeting. The second part covers topics related to strategic financial management, including financial risk management, strategic planning, and corporate finance. To prepare for the exam, you need to understand the structure of the exam and focus your studying on the relevant topics. The IMANET provides official study materials, and using official study materials can help you to better understand the exam content and format. The IMANET CMA Practice test by ExamsKit can help you to become familiar with the types of questions that will be on the exam.


The CMA exam is a professional certification program administered by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). It consists of two parts covering topics related to financial planning, performance, and analysis, as well as strategic financial management. To prepare for the exam, candidates can use official study materials, practice sample questions provided by ExamsKit, develop a study plan, and seek support from mentors or study groups. Passing the exam can lead to certification as a management accountant and advancement in the field.